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Oprah Got Tig O’ Bitties?! | 3 Strikes w/ YaBoySL

I run down the 3 things that pissed me off this week, these are your 3 Strikes! This week I go over Terrance Howard, Dennis Rodman and Michael Vick! Make sure to check back every Friday for a new “3 Strikes” video! And tell us what pissed you off this week, let us know in the comments and we might feature you in next week’s video!

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Viral Videos Week of 2.13.13 | “One Offs! with YaBoySL”

This weeks episode is both gross and sad! I almost threw up and doubt the path my life was going down! It’s great check it out! Also it might have a one man Harlem Shake moment… Might.

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Teens Can’t Answer Basic Trivia Questions ::Video::

It’s official, I hate everything now. I’m also proud to say, I got a 90% on this trivia quiz! Take that youth of America!

Read More Has Been Censored!

The rest of the internet might get censored as well. Read up more here on how you can help!

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The Best U.S. Missile Launcher EVER Is In Afghanistan! ::Video::

I farted.

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Octopus Come Out of Water To Walk on Land! ::Video::

Holy sheep shit!!!! If this doesn’t scream evolution, than I don’t know what does!

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1 Marine Stands Up To Dozens of NYPD Officers ::Video::

Wow. This is so inspiring. I respect this man. Enjoy.

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