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Revok for The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter ::Video::

I found this video especially dope cause Revok is one of my favorite graffiti writers. Revok talks graffiti related interactions between him and his father and how graffiti art shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Enjoy

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This Is Where The End Begins ::Video::

Okay, this video starts out weird and slow and I was about to stop watching when it got dope. It’s not too long so watch it and enjoy some dopeness.

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If You Don’t Think This Print is Dope, We’re Not Friends! ::Art::

This is a dope print from, JURNE! I love it. You can buy one for yourself over here.

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Dope Graffiti Piece Time-lapse ::Video::

These fuckin’ guys have can control. Damn. Learn something! Enjoy.

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"True Colors" – This video is epic!

This video is downright epic! You like stop motion? (I guess). You like art? (You bet your sweet ass). I honestly don’t know what to say… Watch the fuckin’ video with the sound on! Why is it every time someone tells you to watch a video with it’s sound on you think it’s going to be a scare video? Ha. Enjoy! Have a bagel face day!

“Turn the speakers on and watch the movie in HD Quality. Four month exhausting hard work in an abonded area, no sun just artificial light. The final result, a stop motion movie with no digital effects at all, everything is handmade. About 5000 pictures are processed with an average by 15 pictures per second. The music is by Pretty Lights from Denver, Colorado, thanks Derek!” – QuintessenzCreation

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Female German Tagger Reminds You How Lame You Are

Yo, this german chick kills it in an almost disturbing way! If you know me then you wouldn’t know that I’m not too fond of female writers. I’m not saying there aren’t any talented female writers out there in TV land, I’m saying there are a lot of females that write cause they’re just trying to be cute and that is a gear grinder for me! Oh, and the same goes for female DJ’s too! Enjoy.

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