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Back To The Future Lego Set!?!?1?

Ahhhhhh! I want Lego Back to the Future sets! Okay, so this set isn’t legit, it was created by Alex Schranz and it’s pretty dope if you ask me. But that’s only if you ask. Are you going to ask?! No? Okay.

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Epic Back To The Future Shoes Are Epic ::Video::

Ugh, I want these but I can’t get them for two reasons, I can’t justify buying them and I can’t afford them. I know the second one kind of cancels out the first one but that’s why I said it in that order, don’t judge me. But anyway, I want these so bad! Ugh. I’m huge BTTF fan. And shout out to Bill Hader in the vid, where are the boobies? Enjoy

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