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The Sickest Dance You’ll See Today!

Forget the Cat Daddy, The Dougie, and Shuffling! This is the new dance crazy that’s sweeping the nation! And shout out to his chest hair lookin’ like a sweater!

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Dancing Bear Is Getting Jiggy With It In The Woods! ::Video::

This is the best thing I’ve EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! Today. Ha. I Love This Shit!!!

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Sweet Dance Moves!! ::Video::

I love it!!!!!!!!!!! And you will too, enjoy!.

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The Worlds Best “Street Dance?” ::Video::

You be the grudge of that!

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So THIS is How You Dance To Dub Step! ::Video::

Doesn’t seem to hard to do. Ha, in all realness this kid is pretty dope.


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A Lil’ Dance For That Special Lady ::Video::

Ummm…. Just enjoy, you selfish bastards!

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