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Here’s Your Ultimate Drunk Fail Compilation ::Video::

Watching drunk people fall over on their faces is one of the reasons YouTube was created in the first place. But with so many hilarious and ridiculous drunk fail videos out there, it’s difficult to decide where to begin. Thankfully, World Wide Interweb compiled all of the best drunk videos out there into a single video and it’s amazing! Enjoy!

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Teens Can’t Answer Basic Trivia Questions ::Video::

It’s official, I hate everything now. I’m also proud to say, I got a 90% on this trivia quiz! Take that youth of America!

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Best Fails of 2011 ::Video::

As we close out another year we reflect on those less educated than us and laugh our fuckin’ asses off!!! HA! It’s been a kick ass year for me, I hope it has been fo you too! Enjoy.

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