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Viral Videos Week of 2.4.13 | “One Offs! with YaBoySL”

This is a segment where I run down the viral videos out this week! It’s the One Offs!

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The Top Viral Videos of 2011 ::Video::

Ugh, we suck as a race. enjoy!

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Hands Down, The Best 404 Page on The Internet! ::Video::

You know, that 404 page that tells you that what you’re looking for isn’t here and to please return to the homepage and what not. What it really means to me is the webmaster forgot something or fucked up somewhere. I know this cause I’ve been working on websites for years and the only time you see a 404 on a site I’ve worked on is cause my dumb ass forgot something! Well, designers have been trying to get creative with their 404′s. But this shit right here, takes the cake and fucks it. Enjoy.

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