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The Evolution of Music Consumption ::Video::

Learned ya something, huh?!

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I Hate Dubstep But Like Dubstep Guns! ::Video::

This is dope, I don’t care what you say! Enjoy!

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So THIS is How You Dance To Dub Step! ::Video::

Doesn’t seem to hard to do. Ha, in all realness this kid is pretty dope.


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Kanye Takes a Tumble! LMAO ::Video::

…To that ghetto university. Enjoy.

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Super Dope Artistic Music Video! ::Watch::

This shit right here… Sorry, I watched a Kat Williams stand-up special yesterday. But seriously, this shit is fuckin’ HOT! Just watch and enjoy!

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Chick Plays OG Power Ranger Theme on Violin! ::Video::

Okay, this is fuckin’ dope cause She plays the original theme to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Damn, I’m old huh? FU. Enjoy!

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