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Watsky – Difference Is The Differences ::Video::

So, do you remember the Pale White Kid That Raps Fast? Sure you do. Well his name is Watsky and he’s is actually making a name for himself and he’s even on the bill for Rock The Bells! Shout out to him! Anyway, here he is with a new track over a Dr. Dre beat and I’m not mad at it! What do you think of this track? Let me know in the comments!

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Music Video: Mr. Rager, By Kid Cudi

To be completely honest, I haven’t watched it yet and am not sure if it’s worth posting. BBUUTT, I’m a huge cudi fan and I’m sure I’ll like it. So, watch it with me! Enjoy!
::UPDATE:: I just watched it and… meh. I mean once it all ended, “I got it” but still, I don’t think it needed all that poor fighting choreography. and I thought Kanye’s one second cameo was a dope lil’ plus but I don’t understand why he was there. Still a fan though

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Mos Def To Change His Name in 2012!?

So the Brooklyn MC, Mos Def will be retiring his name at the end of 2011 in trade for Yasiin and I’m shoked! I’m not too sure if that’s the best idea. I mean yeah, he’s super fuckin’ dope and you really shouldn’t question an artist’s decisions regarding their craft. But honestly, stop it. Sometimes I wish I was in the camp of certain celebs so I can be the voice of reason like when The Rock did the Tooth Fairy, I would have been right there saying, “don’t.” Mos Def could use me in his camp so I could say, “Don’t.”

About the subject, Mos Def had this to say:
“I’m actually doing it,” Mos Def told MTV. “That’s it...

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