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This Dog Will Feast Upon Your Soul! ::Video::

Wow! This dog creeps me the fuck out! The best comment on this video sums up everything, “I’m not sure if this is hilarious or terrifying.”

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It’s Time For a Super Hero Disco Dance Party!! ::Video::

Ahhh, good ol’ Brazilian TV!

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Mos Def To Change His Name in 2012!?

So the Brooklyn MC, Mos Def will be retiring his name at the end of 2011 in trade for Yasiin and I’m shoked! I’m not too sure if that’s the best idea. I mean yeah, he’s super fuckin’ dope and you really shouldn’t question an artist’s decisions regarding their craft. But honestly, stop it. Sometimes I wish I was in the camp of certain celebs so I can be the voice of reason like when The Rock did the Tooth Fairy, I would have been right there saying, “don’t.” Mos Def could use me in his camp so I could say, “Don’t.”

About the subject, Mos Def had this to say:
“I’m actually doing it,” Mos Def told MTV. “That’s it...

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Nothing But a Russian Pigeon Fight ::Video::

It’s a mother fucking Russian Pigeon Fight!! I want to make a “hadoken” reference but can’t figure out how!

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A Lil’ Dance For That Special Lady ::Video::

Ummm…. Just enjoy, you selfish bastards!

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I Am Your Grandma! ::Creepy Video::

So, this is a thing. You might not enjoy… Sorry.

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